Adhesive tapes for insulating, masking, splicing, construction, etc.
Silicone glass cloth tape;
Rubber glass cloth tape;
Acrylic glass cloth tape;
Double sided glass cloth tape;
Polyester tape;
Crepe paper tape;
Kraft paper tape;
PVC tape;
Polyimide tape;
Aramid paper tape;
Mylar tape;
Mica tape.

About Us
Dashing Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., also named as Tapefamily and Hugging Tape, is a new but professional and reliable export company since the end of year 2017. Basing on the professional export experience of adhesive tapes for 13+ years, we are focusing on the integration of nationwide adhesive tape resources.
Although we are not manufacturer, we have deep cooperation with many tape producers. In this case, we have full set of tapes deeply with unique features. For example: We have full set of glass cloth tapes, including silicone glass cloth tape, rubber glass cloth tape, and acrylic glass cloth tape. We have wider polyester masking tapes at 1280mm, rather than the common 500mm or 1000mm log rolls in market. We have unique Chinese-made mica tape, whose 1 layer could replace 2 layers of traditional mica tapes. We have aramid acrylic tape to compete with other famous brands. We have high temperature resistant kraft splicing tape for synthetic and artificial leather...
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